A few days ago, I had a photo shoot with a 1 year old named Tony Jr., TJ. Check out our fall themed shoot and some of his funny expressions during our session.

Dog Days of Summer

My dog Caleb enjoys the summertime and all outdoor activities. He loves running laps around the yard, fetching balls/frisbees, picking up sticks, rolling around in the grass, playing in water, socializing with other dogs, and most importantly sleeping. Caleb gained a few pounds and finally reached his full adult size. If you look at previous posts you can actually see his physical transformation. Take a look at some of the photos I snapped of him this summer.




Modern Atlanta

Yesterday, I attended the Modern Atlanta 2013 Home Tour and met some local architects, designers, and homeowners showcasing their remodeled homes. I saw both environmental friendly and innovative designs that I plan on using for my future dream home. Look at some pictures that I captured while on tour.

Caleb 1.0

Today, my dog Caleb celebrated his 1st birthday. Time has truly flown by! It seems like yesterday he was just a puppy. He loved  running around and exploring his surroundings. Now as an adult, Caleb is still quite active. He’s also very intelligent (if I do say so myself). He is probably the most friendly and happy dog in the city. Look at the pics I recently took of him on his special day.  Yappy Bark Day, Caleb!


Shayla and Brian met through mutual friends and after hanging out one night with those friends, they haven’t stopped hanging out since. Over the course of their relationship they have endured so much that their bond for each other gets stronger by the day. Take a look at our engagement shoot and how much these two compliment each other.