Caleb 2.0

My dog Caleb just turned 2. I decided to take some new photos of him and showcase more of his personality. Caleb has acquired a new behavior when you are talking to him, “the head tilt”. View some of his photos below.



I participated in a photo shoot at Motoretta Atlanta with a few models (Ela, Elvia and Lisa). They have a great selection of Vespa and Piaggio Scooters there. Depending on your particular style, you can purchase a vintage or a retro modern scooter. You also can buy  some cool accessories and apparel for your scooter. Look at a few of the pictures I took during my most recent visit.

Skyview Ferris Wheel

If you are downtown go see the Skyview Ferris Wheel. Standing at almost 20 stories high, it can hold up to 6 people in each of its 42 gondolas.  At night, the Skyview Ferris Wheel goes through a cool transformation. Several colorful lights illuminate the big wheel making it look dramatic and interesting. Here are a few photos I took of Skyview.


I got the opportunity to photograph Tiarra an aspiring actress/model. All I had to do was point my camera in her direction and literally on cue she nailed every pose. Look at some of the pictures I captured of Tiarra during our photo shoot.

Jackson Family

After weeks of planning and readjusting schedules, I was finally able to photograph the Jackson family. In spite of the cold weather, we decided to do the photo shoot outside. After a few pictures and outfit changes, we quickly warmed up. Here are a few pictures from our session.