Tasha + Josh

Tasha and Josh are native New Yorkers who met while in college. After graduation, they lost touch. However, a few years ago, in October, they both unknowingly attended the same party for a mutual friend in Atlanta. This chance meeting allowed them to reconnect and they have been together ever since. Take a look at their engagement shoot in the park. They plan on getting married in October on the exact same day they found each other several years ago.

Hasselblad Workshop

One of the highlights of my summer was attending a Hasselblad Photography workshop. I met with company representatives and learned about their highly acclaimed and very expensive camera system. After workshop, I got an opportunity to take part in a photo shoot that included Derek Blanks (celebrity photographer) and Summyr (model). Take a look at some of the pictures that were created using this amazing and powerful $45,000 camera.

Sandra + Devon – The Pelle Wedding

Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph a traditional Ghanaian engagement (wedding) ceremony. This festive occasion included many rituals and entertaining activities. First, introductions were made by both families. Next, the soon to be groom, Devon, and his family were responsible for providing a dowry and gifts to Sandra, his fiance. Devon then had to correctly select Sandra from among her bridesmaids. After Devon passed this test, Sandra was revealed to everyone. When all the gifts were gathered, Sandra’s mom inspected them and made sure it was everything she needed to start her new life. Sandra’s dad then asked if she approved of them and if she agreed to marry her groom. Sandra agreed and a ring was placed on her finger. A bible was presented, prayers were said, and parents and elders gave marriage advice. Finally, a huge celebration was held with lots of African/Caribbean cuisine and dancing. Sandra and Devon changed into many different traditional Ghanian and Antiguan outfits throughout the day. Below are some of the pictures of their beautiful ceremony.

La Toya

La Toya has a new title, “College Graduate”. To celebrate this very special occasion she decided to have a pre-graduation photoshoot. Take a look at La Toya all decked out in her graduation attire and perfecting the graduation pose. CONGRATS LA TOYA and to all the C/O 2015 GRADUATES!!