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Happy Halloween!

This year I decided not to wear a costume instead Caleb will be “The American Gentleman” and my helper. We’re stocked and ready for the trick-or-treaters. I promise we won’t run out of candy this year.   HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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Caleb 2.0

My dog Caleb just turned 2. I decided to take some new photos of him and showcase more of his personality. Caleb has acquired a new behavior when you are talking to him, “the head tilt”. View some of his photos below.  

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Dog Days of Summer

My dog Caleb enjoys the summertime and all outdoor activities. He loves running laps around the yard, fetching balls/frisbees, picking up sticks, rolling around in the grass, playing in water, socializing with other dogs, and most importantly sleeping. Caleb gained a few pounds and finally reached his full adult size. If you look at previous posts you can actually see his physical […]

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Caleb 1.0

Today, my dog Caleb celebrated his 1st birthday. Time has truly flown by! It seems like yesterday he was just a puppy. He loved  running around and exploring his surroundings. Now as an adult, Caleb is still quite active. He’s also very intelligent (if I do say so myself). He is probably the most friendly and happy dog in the city. Look at the pics I […]

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Caleb 0.3

Over the past several years my family and close friends have to listened to me rant on and on about getting a dog. So this summer, I finally became a dog owner. I would like to introduce you to my 3 month old puppy, Caleb! He’s a Boston Terrier with a red coat and a great personality. This is my first dog and it is a quite […]

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